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The Glossary of the Future

The technical revolution is here


By Hansika Iyer (ADAY resident fiber science expert) + Annette Lin From Google Glass to Lululemon Labs, fashion and tech are becoming increasingly comfortable bedfellows. But as rapidly changing as both industries are, how to keep up with it? Here are nine terms to know now: 1. MICROSENSORS Although micro-sensors so far may be connected to Fitbits and Apple Watches, that’s soon set to change: c…

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Are leggings the new skinny jeans?

Case one: you wouldn’t go running in your jeans


Back in the ’00s, the annals of fashion were ruled by the skinny jean. They were the “trend that dominated the last decade in denim—and perhaps the last decade in fashion. These stretchy works of denim—sculpting and figure-hugging in a rich, pair-with-anything indigo—were an all-occasions miracle worker. The rule was: find a top, any top, and pair it with skinny jeans. Today the skinny jean has fallen ou…

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Living the happy + healthy dream: the bloggers behind Food & Lycra

The secret ingredients, according to Kim Ngo, Rachel Tran and Laura Lakam.


When you’re busy ruling the world and conquering life, you need the support of your girls. It was this ethos—plus a mutual love of exercise, eating and exploring—that led Kim Ngo, Rachel Tran and Laura Lakam to cook up the idea for Food & Lycra during a group vacation in Vietnam. Initially a fun blog with a few recipes, they always had big ambitions for F&L: to show ‘real girls’ how they to win at…

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